World AIDS Day ’18- AIDS Memorial Quilt



Connecticut College’s LGBTQIA Center, 2016

Erin Duran and Connecticut College’s LGBTQIA Center, 2016

Unraveling Gender 2015


Student Voices from the LGBTQ Center 2014-2015

“But You Don’t Look Queer” Viral Video 2014

On Your Sex and Gender, 2014

QPOC 2014

Being a Queer Person of Color Means, 2014

Campus Pride and Huffington Post name Connecticut College a top LGBT-friendly campus 2013

The Queer Conn Report 2006-2013

This report aims to collect in one place many of the advancements made in the past seven years since the creation of the LGBTQ Resource Center. To list every person, program, collaboration, or training would be impossible. Instead, we have solicited reflections from staff, faculty, and students across campus who have made vital contributions to our community over the years.

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Opening of the LGBTQ Resource Center 2007

Resource Pamphlets

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