This site was originally curated and created by Alicia Muir ’19 as a capstone project for the Museum Studies certificate. She would like to express her sincerest gratitude to all of the individuals who contributed, assisted, and provided mentorship throughout the process. A special thanks goes to

Erin Duran, Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs

Karen Gonzalez Rice, Associate Professor of Art History

Benjamin Panciera and Rose Oliveira of the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections & Archives

Hallie Selinger ’14, Career-Informed Learning Alumni Mentor

Lyndsay Bratton, Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship

Garrison Smith ’19, LGBTQIA Program Coordinator

The students, staff, and alumni of the Womxn’s Center

The students, staff, and alumni of the LGBTQIA Center

Lakshimi Kannan ’10 and Rachel Zelinsk ’10, creators of the The Queer Conn History Project

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